Research and manufacturing operations comply with applicable international standards that ensure our products are safe for human use, meet high quality standards, and are produced through ecologically sustainable operations.

EC 1223/2009

Manufacture compliant with international quality standards (EC, FDA) that ensure consumer safety. Products undergo a thorough safety assessment by qualified biomedical professionals, and are required to pass strict microbiological and quality tests. Efficacy claims are based on demonstrable scientific findings and supervised by medical and science professionals.

ISO 22716:2007

Our manufacturing process follows strictly controlled conditions designed to ensure repeatability, chemical/microbiological safety, and quality compliance. Every step in the process is documented and traceability is ensured at all manufacturing stages, from pre-production to after-sales. Quality assurance and documentation encompasses, but is not limited to, raw materials, storage, production, packaging, and shipping. Chemical and microbiological tests are routinely performed and documented at specified production checkpoints.

ISO 9001:2015

Our operations consistently provide our customers with safe and efficient products that meet quality and regulatory standards. Our management system is assisted by powerful automated and semi-automated software that oversees and integrates into all our operations.

ISO 14001

We observe a simple, yet strong, environmental and sustainability policy. A thorough environmental managing system monitors, tracks, and measures, all manufacturing aspects, enabling early recognition of environmental patterns, and correct potential deficiencies and risks in a timely manner. By strictly following energy usage, resource consumption, waste production, recycling, carbon emissions, pollution, chemical inventory storage, and many other sustainability indicators, we can track and improve the ecological impact of our operations.

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