Innovation inspired in nature


High performance skin hydration

Barrier enhancement
Moisture capture, delivery and retention
Pollution protection

Helixara® AQUOS technology takes advantage of the strong capability of particular natural substances to capture moisture from the environment and enhance the barrier properties of the skin thereby reducing evaporative water loss. Specifically engineered to keep the skin hydrated for longer time, Helixara® AQUOS increases the tightness of the skin barrier and controls water circulation and reserves within the skin. As a result, there is a substantial improvement in the skin relief (>30% vs controls), reduced descamation (>20% reduction vs controls) and better overall skin hydration (>35% vs controls).


Extreme cellular protection

Cell membrane shielding
Moisture capture
Pollution protection
Modulation of skin inflammatory signaling

Inspired in the ability of particular plants, algae and bacteria to survive in extremely adverse environments, Helixara® AQUASHIELD technology uses fast hydration molecules with long-term water retention and environmental protectants that organize into a microscopic gel shielding the cell membranes from microscopic pollutants and allergens (>20-50% increase in cell survivability vs control) while attracting and retaining water (>40% reduction in transepidermal water loss), ensuring extraordinary and continuous protection and hydration for long times, even under exposure to adverse environmental conditions. Furthermore, due to the physicochemical characteristics of this cell membrane-protecting gel, Helixara® AQUASHIELD is capable of reducing inflammatory signaling in keratinocytes (30% reduction vs control), and protect skin cells from UV-radiation induced damage, which makes it particularly useful to protect inflammed skin.

Helixara® AQUASHIELD is made with non-GMO, EcoCert and COSMOS certified ingredients, promotes all-day hydration after a single application and has cumulative skin-protective effects that last for up to a week.


Tandem antioxidant system

ROS quenching
Photoaging inhibition
Inflammatory signaling inhibition
Pollution protection

Helixara® IONOX is a strong skin antioxidant system inspired in metabolic redox control mechanisms present in human cells. This redox control complex works in tandem by quenching ROS in the skin surface and stimulating the skin cells to trigger their own antioxidant and anti-inflammatory mechanisms, all while providing humectants and nurturing natural compounds. The natural compounds of Helixara® IONOX enhance tissue repair in the skin and provide excellent protection for healing wounds.


Improved skin metabolism

Intercellular signaling 
Improved cellular metabolism
Stem cell activation
Skin regeneration

Helixara® ETERNIUM technology is engineered to stimulate natural metabolic pathways in skin cells to improve their energy usage and enhance their response to injury. Eternium activates a metabolic signaling pathway that not only improves the cell production of ATP, but also results in stem cell activation and promotion of regenerative signaling in the skin. This has proven an effective way to influence skin metabolism and promote repair in the aging skin.