Discovery & implementation


Epithelial cell signaling

Biochemical pathways
Molecular targets
Healing and regeneration

We aim to understand the mechanisms underlying epithelial response to injury and regeneration by studying molecules involved in epithelial energy usage, intercellular signaling, as well as epithelial markers of cosmetic and pharmacological relevance


Biosynthesis and substance delivery

Epidermal delivery
Substance extraction

We thrive to find optimized ways to synthesize peptides, better extraction and purification methods of plant-based substances of skin care relevance, as well as more efficient ways to deliver those peptides and substances to the skin


From the bench to the consumer

Product development
Market concept

Our discoveries are translated into safe and reliable consumer products by developing novel skin care formulations based on natural ingredients and better vehicles. Formulations are then transformed into products through innovative manufacturing techniques that reduce the overall environmental impact of production. Extensive testing cycles ensure safety, efficacy and stability. Each of our products is based on a specific market concept that identifies and addresses specific market segments and their needs, considers market positioning and adds value to the product.