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We formulate and produce a wide range of high-quality skin care and cosmetic products focused on facial care, body and hands.


Moisturizers, anti-aging, anti-acne, peeling, deep care, tonics, cleansers, revitalizers, anti-pollution, antioxidants, after sun and repair. Care oils.


Moisturizers, deep care, cleansers, peeling, anti-pollution, antioxidants, shaving and after-shave care, massage oils.


Cleansers, moisturizers, protectants.


Cleansers and protectants.

Oral care


Men care

Moisturizers, shaving and after-shave care, acne-control, skin soothing, after sun, and skin repair.


Each product we make undergoes a thorough safety assessment that involves evaluating the potential toxicological risks associated with the product's ingredients and ensuring they are safe for consumer use. There is a designated person responsible for ensuring compliance with current regulation, maintaining product information dossiers, and notifying authorities in case of adverse effects. Specific production, storage, and transportation quality and safety requirements are followed at every stage of the manufacturing process to ensure our products are still safe to use once they are out of our factories. Known carcinogens, mutagens, reproductive toxicants, and substances classified as endocrine disruptors are avoided, even if used elsewhere. Controlled substances, like colorants or certain preservatives are only used if required and in amounts not exceeding the maximum regulatory allowance.

Labels and packaging provide current, clear and accurate product information as well as usage and safety warnings to consumers. Ingredients, product functions, batch numbers, and details of the entity responsible for the product are clearly indicated. In addition, the European council is informed before each product reaches the market, and market surveillance activities are conducted to ensure regulatory compliance and address any potential safety issues not immediately apparent.


We strive to put only high quality products in the hands of the consumers by implementing ISO 22716/2007 throughout the different production stages. This involves manufacturing processes operated by adequately trained and qualified personnel, adequate production facilities that meet safety, hygienic and GMP standards outlined in EC 1223/2009. Manufacturing process organization, cleaning, contamination prevention and control, as well as equipment maintenance are all documented and carried out according to set specifications.

All procedures and product specifications are written and readily available for personnel and quality inspectors. Product batches and quality inspections are documented. Records are kept and controlled digitally with proprietary software to ensure traceability and accountability. Through this process, every single product and raw material can be traced at any point in the manufacturing pipeline, from intake to the moment it leaves the factory. Selection, qualification and evaluation of suppliers are performed following quality and ethical guidelines. Incoming raw materials are inspected for quality, accuracy, and are adequately stored in facilities that prevent cross-contamination.

The materials we use for packaging are safe, suitable for the product they contain, and are labeled according to the applicable regulations. Finished products that pass quality controls are kept under suitable controlled environmental conditions until shipping. Those products or raw materials not meeting our written specifications are separated for remedial measures or disposal.

QUALITY management

ISO 9001:2015 compliance

Leadership commitment & engagement
Quality planning & resource allocation
Evaluation & continuous improvement

Through our quality program, top managers establish quality policies, define roles and responsibilities, and promote a culture of quality. Quality objectives, processes, risks and opportunities are identified at the planning stage and operations are planned and executed accordingly. Necessary resources, qualified personnel, infrastructure and documentation are provided to operate effectively. All processes are monitored, evaluated, and corrective/preventive actions are recommended and executed where required. Throughout all our management process, personnel looks actively for improvement opportunities, and implementation of corrective actions.