Identification of cellular and biochemical targets of cosmetic and pharmacological interest

Identification of metabolic and signaling pathways involved in cell energy usage and intercellular signaling.

Mechanistic identification of cell and biochemical markers of potential cosmetic and pharmacological relevance. 

Identification of novel signaling pathways involved in epithelial and endothelial regeneration and response to injury


Novel methods to synthesize and deliver molecules of interest into the skin

Dermopeptide 2.225 expression

Dermopeptide 2.225 (green)

Natural biosynthesis of epidermal peptides

Culture of pseudoepithelial cells expressing dermopeptide 2.225, a promising cosmetic agent with strong anti-aging and protective capabilities.


Translation of formulas into products suitable for consumer use. A series of tests are conducted to guarantee safety, efficacy, stability and microbiological safety.

Transformation of tested formulations into final products. Improvement of rheological and sensorial characteristics

Market concepts are generated using market indicators obtained through research. Artificial intelligence algorithms enable a better identification of consumer needs.

Innovative manufacturing techniques that decrease the overall ecological impact of production. Low-energy-input and single-temperature processes.